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In closing, Mitsubishi has released the final edition of the Lancer Evolution x. Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, Osamu Masuko has recently been confirmed that the successor of Evo no longer shaped sedan sport, but Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) plug-in hybrid technology.

Masuko as reported in AutoCar, Saturday page (17/10/2015), Mitsubishi said it has no plans to develop a successor to the Evo with a model sports sedan. Because, in the future, manufacturers of automotive origin that Japan will make use of plug-in hybrid technology.

"Our main focus going forward is to develop a hybrid SUV. We want to make use of existing hybrid technology i.e. the PHEV (plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle), "said Masuko.

A statement of any slow Masuko sea began to open towards the concept of a PHEV-XR II who had exhibited at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2015. "If we use the technology of EV or PHEV to high perperforma car that's very possible," he said.

The concept of a PHEV-XR II itself is expected to become the second Mitsubishi models that provided the plug-in hybrid technology after the Outlander PHEV. Mitsubishi membekalinya engine with front drive system, targeted have exhaust emissions under 40 grams per km.

Although environmentally friendly, this compact SUV remain powerful because it relies on additional power from the electric motors consisting of 120 kW (163 PS). Hybrid systems also rely on the engine and generator MIVEC technology which are all stored in the hood.

Mitsubishi also created a new systems engineering so as to generate power and torque.

Its flagship PHEV system prefer electricity as the main suppliers of energy. So, the conventional engine positioned only as a power generator suppliers mengasilkan extra electricity if needed. This system is capable of diverting power from the battery into the generator when needed.

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