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Started operating June 9, but the new grand launching this August. Pro Scooter (PS) located in JL. Tegal Rattan Kingdom no. 6, Bintaro, Tangsel.

"PS reliable mechanical assisted its founders Harga Yamaha Vega RR Warna Hitam  came wrong, so it wont work on Vespa and Piaggio," said Pangestu Panji Wahjuno, Head of Marketing Promotion & PS.

Occupies an area of 250 , PS have an adequate parking area, comfortable lounge, smooking area, free wi-fi, free wash after servicing and repair shop that can accommodate up to 5 scooter at once.
In the waiting room there is Harga Yamaha Force 1 Bekas air conditioned closet accessories and performance parts that are mostly imported. The affair cost, servicing CVT Rp 60,000, servicing oil change + $ 200 thousand, servicing of Usd 250 thousand, Rp machine side 350 thousand, injector cleaning $ 75 thousand.

"For the next 2 months we promo spare parts 15-20%," chimes in on Pennants.


Dikirim pada 26 Agustus 2014 di Uncategories
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