Do not climb the podiumnya Marc Marquez in MotoGP, Czech Republic as a series of 11 on the circuit of Brno, Harga Honda CBR 150R 2014 Czech Republic, yesterday (17/8) make a curious supporters and the premium class of racing fans. The original racer Spain that said he wouldn`t be surprised in the end lost in a race.

The question becomes, when touching the finish line, he berjaral 10 seconds with teammate Dani Pedrosa, who Harga Kawasaki Ninja 250 Mono Terbaru won the 11th race of the series. In fact, it is 5 minutes from Valentino Rossi finishing third.

"Sunday is the one day where I didn`t feel really comfortable. Also have found settings teerbaik for the motor. It`s not my fault or the team, we don`t have the same feeling as in the other Sunday, "explained Marquez.
He continued, on the one hand it was taken heavily from my shoulder, now people will not ask if I could win every race.

"Despite finishing fourth, we have to stay focused, even though it was hard not to fight for the win. We got a 13 point is important and has a great advantage, "he explained

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Duo of Marc VDS Racing Team Rider Esteve Rabat and Mika Kalio dominated the moto2 race at Brno circuit, Harga Yamaha R1 Baru di Indonesia Czech Republic, today (17/8). When start the original Rebate, Spain can maintain its position outside of the first corner. The position of lead continues to be maintained until the finish.

While a teammate start from sixth position can poke some second order after the start. Harga Kawasaki Ninja 250 FI Special Edition Tahun 2014 It can widen the gap with Sandro Cortese and Sam Lowes to finish.

Without the rivalry between racing and Lowes, Cortese moto2 tasted bland. They`re both adrenaline makes horny audience. Lowes several times trying to overtake, but can close the gap in Cortese every bend.

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