Has been around since September 2013 and wants to reach people in the region of Piaggio and Vespa Bintaro Serpong, BSD, and Ciledug. That`s why this workshop is located at JL. Raya Pondok Aren, Bintaro, Tangerang Selatan.

"We are trying to respond to the needs of the Vespa and Piaggio owner who wants to have a professional repair shop in the area Tangsel," said David Sunjaya, owner Motrattivo.

Motrattivo features a database of consumers and service record, like a scooter going wrong as well as towing for South Harga Yamaha Jupiter Z1 Tangerang region.

"Four of our own experienced engineers with a background of Vespa and Piaggio," explained David. One stop shopping concept, where in addition to the workshops, are also available to Harga Honda Blade 125 FI CW the waiting room and cafe on the second floor.
Don`t miss the variety of accessory, part performance as Malossi, Polini and Bitubo and apparel such as helmets and t-shirts. "A lot of our Accessories from abroad with a competitive price," added David.

The affair cost, servicing CVT pegged Rp 50 thousand and tune-up Usd 80 thousand. For other fees can contact directly.

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Started operating June 9, but the new grand launching this August. Pro Scooter (PS) located in JL. Tegal Rattan Kingdom no. 6, Bintaro, Tangsel.

"PS reliable mechanical assisted its founders Harga Yamaha Vega RR Warna Hitam came wrong, so it wont work on Vespa and Piaggio," said Pangestu Panji Wahjuno, Head of Marketing Promotion & PS.

Occupies an area of 250 m², PS have an adequate parking area, comfortable lounge, smooking area, free wi-fi, free wash after servicing and repair shop that can accommodate up to 5 scooter at once.
In the waiting room there is Harga Yamaha Force 1 Bekas air conditioned closet accessories and performance parts that are mostly imported. The affair cost, servicing CVT Rp 60,000, servicing oil change + $ 200 thousand, servicing of Usd 250 thousand, Rp machine side 350 thousand, injector cleaning $ 75 thousand.

"For the next 2 months we promo spare parts 15-20%," chimes in on Pennants.

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originally wanted to create a display of the Honda Scoopy belongs to her boyfriend Mely Susanti more funky. Moreover, they are both Harga Yamaha R6 Resmi often gathered together with his friends, fellow community children`s motor. So let me stay in line, for the initial step of all original body repainted. Plus a simple motif diairbrush triball aka dont too much color and images.

However to realize that, Hadi keinginnya greetings of friends Lasting Hadi Pranata, enlisted the help of Ari from QM Aibrush on JL. Munggang, Jambi. Of course, to give a Harga Yamaha Xeon RC Red bit of soft colors such as purple, Orange, cream and light green on body skubeknya. Then the charge screen-the screen is in the graphics, so the blue base color remain dominant.
"The settings are else I`m Nah too crowded. Only in certain positions. As sepatbor front of tebeng, and also next to the body. While the footrest and the stern area remains empty. So, the remaining pair of minimalist variations. Because I want to modifnya a funky theme simple. So anyway he said Jambi mentions it`s like revision, "said resident JL. Sungai Bahar, Unit I, Jambi, while talking to the MOTORS a Plus.

In addition to the revision of the body in the simple installation and Setup, the selected variations also ringkes and Nah neko-neko. As is the case in some areas filled handlebars part variations of one color with body paint.
Not only that, see also installation of sok upside down Yoshimura equipped double discs TDR brands. In any case the back leg area. Brings the front-rear wheel rims DBS.

Special rear wheel disc fitted in the TDR, teromol Honda Vario model fingers. But it must make a stand for discs in teromol Vario. Because if the original disposable Scoopy, do you still wear rims cross.

Simplenya again if the view area of the rear shock absorbers which do not appear. Aided Arif Longish, builder of stars 22, monosok on the left side who originally moved to the middle. With the help of an adapter that is fastened to the crankcase.

"It`s Not expected, could also win in standard fashion and funky classes each event there in Jambi," happy Hadi and Mely now avidly join the contest

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The series of national Motocross Championship 8th proves capable of deploying any IMI Bali wedding kejurnas classmate, 16-17 August 2014. With the beralihnya of the pronas Harga Honda Scoopy FI Cash Terkini pengda IMI, Muliajaya Racing Management (MRM) proves the trust pelaksanan given on them.

"This is the first time we deal with kejurnas motocross event," says Muliajaya, the owner of MRM. Many MRM handle automotive activities in Bali including the Sexy Kejurnas, Drag Race or kejurda motocross.

For pelaksanaa kejurnas Motocross, the MRM consult Vicky Vibhishana or more familiarly saluted cok Vicky. Figure this one arguably Harga Honda CB150R Red living legend motocross Bali. In addition to having special school motocross, also the owner of Bali team MX.
"This circuit design I make with my colleague Kelix," I`m a former driver this Vicky. "so special celebration this bener-bener kejurnas is new and different," imbuh this longish-haired man. The praise was reserved tracks coming from Irwan Xeniagreekmuslimah and Agi Agassi.

Overall the event went smoothly, orderly and many will overwhelm the visitors. "The series to 13 which is the final will also be held in Bali, and do not cover the possibility of Bali later got its own series if you see a title event like this," explained Pigi Soma, Manager Daily Bali MX.

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